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Vendor Application

If you or your firm is interested in conducting business with Sedgwick County, please submit a vendor application to the Purchasing Department.

You can do this one of two ways:

  1. You can call or email the Sedgwick County Purchasing Dept. at (316) 660-7255 and request that we send you a Vendor Application by U.S. Mail.
  2. You can submit your application via e-mail by completing the Online Vendor Application Form below.

Once the Purchasing Department has received your vendor application, your organization will be notified whenever a purchase request is made by a county department for a product or service falling under the commodity code(s) you specified in the application. You may be sent a Request for Quotation/Proposal or be called on the telephone and asked to provide a quotation.

Vendors should use the Vendor Application to make changes to a vendor's record.  If we are not contacted when you make changes, i.e. name, address, phone, we may not be able to contact you.  Therefore it is important to keep your information current.

NOTE:  Venders should check our website regularly to view a list of Current Request for Bids/Proposals.  If there are a large number of vendors in your product classification, vendors will be contacted on a rotating basis. The successful vendor of each contract will continue to be called each time the item is bid.

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SECTION 2: Mailing Address for Payments, if different:
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After we have received the Vendor Application, we will confirm your submission by way of e-mail correspondence.
Thank you for your time.