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Sedgwick County Checkbook

Welcome to Sedgwick County Checkbook, giving public access to view Sedgwick County revenues, expenditures, and vendor payments.

This site is provided to give you a single place to go for answers to your questions about County finances:

  • how much money funds the government?
  • how is it spent?
  • which businesses and individuals receive payments from the County?

As you look through the Sedgwick County Checkbook you will be able to view information in a variety of ways, or you can go straight to the particular area that interests you.  You can select from:

  • revenues & expenditures by function (such as public safety, human services, or public works)
  • revenues & expenditures by category (such as taxes, personnel, or debt service)
  • revenues & expenditures by fund (such as General Fund, Highway Fund, or Comcare Fund)
  • expenditures by vendor (either a business or an individual, such as Motorola or Chris Chronis)

Also, you can focus your question on any year since 2002, and you will see information for that year and the two previous years if it's available (no information is available prior to 2002). If you ask for information about the current year, in addition to seeing two years of history you will see last year's history for just the portion of the year prior to the month and day of your request.

The data in the Sedgwick County Checkbook is updated each month.  New features will be added as they become available.

To begin, select a view from one of the options below.  Once the data is displayed you can navigate to the level of detail that you desire to view.  Click on any highlighted amount to see all of the detailed transactions that make up that amount.

The information you find may cause you to want to ask more questions.  If so, the person to contact is Sedgwick County's Chief Financial Officer, Chris Chronis.  He can be reached at (316) 660-7591, or at

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