Current Construction Projects
RFB/RFP Name Description Due Date (CST)
15-0110 604-8-4205 (B480) (REBID) Bridge on 61st St. North between 279th & 295th Streets West to include: Bridge Repair, Linear Grading, Surfacing (Aggregate), Signing, Pavement Marking, Seeding, and Guardrail. 12/1/2015 1:45 PM
15-0111 628-10-3890(R) & 628-10-5080(R) (B486) (REBID) Bridges on MacAruther between 247th & 263rd Streets West to include: Grading, Surfacing, Pavement Marking, Seeding, Retaining Wall Repair, Bridge (Polymer Overlay) 12/8/2015 1:45 PM
15-0114 628-28-5200 (B483) Bridge on MacArthur between Hydraulic & Hillside over the Arkansas River to include: Deck Rehabilitation (Deck Repair, Pier Remediation) 12/15/2015 1:45 PM
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