Comments by Susie Cunningham

Commission District: 4

Dear Commissioner, and committee members, I grew up at 27th and Porter on the bank of the Little Arkansas River, I attended high school on the bank of the Little Arkansas River and lucky for me I live on Lewellen street, on the bank of the Little Arkansas River. I understand that being a "Riversider" does not begin and end with one neighborhood and I ask that you understand it too. The neighborhood associations that are in near proximity to either river have always held unifying events, shared goals, and historically have united citizens in movements that support the collective interests of diverse cultures. It is the definition of a geographically compact area. It is one that revolves around maintaining a diverse community, a landscape that encompasses both rivers, a riverside park system, and supports North High School. In fact North High sits at the intersection of Riverside, North Riverside, and Historic Midtown. It is commonly known that people who live within walking distance of either river consider themselves to be "Riversiders." Riversiders live roughly between Meridian on the west, 2nd Street on the south, and St Francis on the east, and as far north as the intersection of Little Arkansas River and 53rd Avenue. As a result of common interest interests, people work together toward restoring the river, maintaining parks, and preserving the historic properties and cultures our city gains from being located at the confluence of two rivers. I have attached of a list of events and achievements in this area. It is my hope that this committee does not splinter an area that is united. Thank you for your attention, Susie Cunningham

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