Comments by Susie Cunningham

Commission District: 4

Here is a map of the neighborhoods that share goals and actively support each other's projects and events, regardless of neighborhood "boundaries." Since the neighborhoods share similar concerns and goals, it would make sense to represent them together. Residents come from a wide range of backgrounds, including diverse ages and incomes, in addition to cultural, ethnic, and educational backgrounds. Each neighborhood works to promote participation in area and city events and policies. The county representative will get comprehensive feedback if they are able to cooperate. Here is a link to the map...[0]=AZXjVelE1QFI7XBASe-meLSXbOF2akfvq5jBZiqcElAFGSgcEXIF2jbgvC8MGRTZQyQIqTHpU2Z2dm9Wy9gr34C6Drr7BdfWwmIDNjXARhBSMQeiHWuV3DoMlSFSIf4jpC-ixs3svpNLNZ_Co_E2Uxe0nvt0ZNkTOS530S7AmtFtCg&__tn__=EH-R

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