Comments by Sierra Franklin

Commission District: 4

I just have a comment about the appointing of this committee. As someone who has great concern about the bipartisan nature of this committee, I find it hard to to see bipartisanship when there is a current elected official presiding as the chair of the committee. This causes me great concern as a constituent that some of the rulings and over rulings by the chair may have partisan interests at stake. Also, in watching the meetings online, as a constituent, I would like to see more decorum and interest in the discussion at hand and not trying to belittle or make accusatory statements toward the members on the board. We constituents are trusting the recommendations in the hands of the committee and I do have fears that these discussions happening are just a farce and this issue will end up being left in the hands of the courts to draw which is disheartening. As a resident of Wichita and not necessarily in the areas of Indian Hills/Riverside etc. but as a former resident of the north end of town, those communities of interest’s concerns should be taken into account. The public comments submitted for the previous meeting have a clear determination that those communities of interest are urging the county commissioners to keep them in tact. Please keep their thoughts in consideration when making determinations.

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